Melt Skincare

Skin Booster Supplement

$26.00 CAD

A passion fruit flavored gummy that delivers all the benefits of a multivitamin to maintain glowing skin. This formula is made up of key ingredients that provide skin with the right nutrients to help it thrive, glow and clear out blemishes. 

Size: 60 Gummies - 30 Day Supply
Key Ingredients: Collagen, Biotin, Vitamin A, C, PABA, Zinc
Designed to: nourish skin from the inside out to maintain a healthy glow
Ideal for: all skin types
How to take: 2 gummies a day with or without food

What it does:
1. Supports healthy collagen production by providing the body and skin with the right nutrients and vitamins to support healthy collagen formation.
2. Provides the skin with essential vitamins and minerals to lock in moisture, boost hydration, keep skin clear and even out complexion.
3. Antioxidants from Vitamin A, C, D, E protect skin from free radical damage, preserving skin's youthful glow.
4. Anti-aging effects from the inside out with ingredients like Collagen, PABA and Retinol which increase skin cell turnover, hydration and support smoother, firmer and stronger skin

Why it’s different:
Our first ever Skin Booster Gummy includes proven nutrients such as Biotin, Collagen, Zinc, Vitamin C, that your skin needs in order to maintain its natural glow and keep skin looking clear, bright and healthy. Skin Booster contains Antioxidants from Vitamin A,B, C, D, E contribute to a strong moisture barrier and Collagen maintains skin hydration, leading to stronger, firmer skin. Biotin and Silicon significantly improve wrinkle depth, promote softer, smoother skin and contribute to strong hair and nail growth. Each ingredient in our Skin Booster Gummy is thoughtfully added to this formula with the right dose to keep your insides feeling good and your outsides looking better than ever!

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