How It Works
Hyaluronic Acid, absorbs up to 1000 times its water weight, draws moisture into the skin for a continuous hydrated complexion and will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Protects: A blend of Witch Hazel and Organic Aloe Vera that provides anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties designed to shrink pores, soothe and tighten skin and prevent acne, blemishes and eczema flare ups.

Glows: Jojoba Oil nourishes your skin, supplies long lasting hydration and contributes to your skins natural glow.

Ideal For
Dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin types.

What to Expect
Aroma: Fresh and Floral
Texture: Lightweight Serum
Skin Feel: Hydrated

Formula Facts
Plant based, Vegan, Cruelty free, Paraben free, Fragrance free.

Apply Intensive Hydration Serum to the entire face and neck in the morning and evening after cleanser and toner. Let serum penetrate into skin before applying moisturizer.