Serum Focused Skincare

Melt Skincare is "melting" away the ideology of having to achieve the perfect skin or body and accepting ourselves as we are, the skin we’re in, by taking a holistic approach at healing our skin and bodies by combining skincare and nutrition.  

Serum Focused Skincare.
Dealing with acne, breakouts, hyperpigmentation, dry spots? The list goes on! At the root of all skin issues and concerns, a well formulated serum can resolve the problem. That is why we focus on creating nutrient dense serums and additional skincare products that will increase the serums bioavailability, absorption and efficacy so that your skin can feel relief and you can see real skin changes occur right before your eyes!
Powered by Nature. Backed by Science.
You treat your body like the beautiful temple that it is and what goes on it is just as important as what goes in it. You can rest assured, our ingredients are of high quality, plant derived and backed by science. We want you to enjoy your skincare routine so we promise to create formulas that are affordable, nutrient dense, cruelty free and always vegan. We provide you with products that optimize absorption & enhance results so that you can focus on giving your skin all the TLC it deserves. 
Treats All Skin Types.
Your skin is uniquely perfect, just like you! Your skincare products should be suited for your skin since no skin is the same, which is where we come in. The lightweight and delicate nature of serums allows for skin modifications to occur in a variety of skin types. They support your skin's natural ability to thrive and feel alive! Whether you have sensitive, dry, oily, congested, inflamed, fair or dark skin, we have you covered! 
Environmentally Friendly.
You're a conscious skincare enthusiast and you care about the environment, deeply, but you don't have time or might not understand all the information that's thrown your way. You can feel confident with us, we have done our research and only formulate products that are environmentally friendly. With plant based, nutrient dense skincare and recyclable packaging, your skin and the environment are safe with us!
Skin and Body.
There is a synergy between good health and great skincare products. The result is beautiful, younger looking skin. You enjoy caring for your body, you know it's going to last you a long time! You find pleasure in those deliciously colourful fruits and veggies. But maybe you need a little help putting the two together? Every one of our products comes with its own nutritional tip to encourage you to properly pair your skincare products with the right nutrients! You want your best skin & body, who doesn't? We're here to help you achieve that glowy, dewy complexion and that fit, thic, thin, curvy, straight or voluptuous body! We love, accept and admire all skin and bodies!