How to save your lips during the winter

Cold winds, frigid temperatures and less humidity can only lead to one thing…dry, chapped, cracked lips! And no one likes chapped lips. Do you ever notice yourself reapplying chapstick every hour with little to no relief? That’s because you have to keep your lips hydrated year round. Our lips do not have oil glands and if you’re not hydrating them on the regular, they can easily become dry, chapped and cracked which can be harder and take much longer to treat. So how do you maintain soft, plumpy lips? Keep on reading 👀

This easy lip remedy can be used to maintain hydrated lips OR can be an effective way at quickly relieving painfully chapped lips.

Step 1: Begin by applying water to your lips to lightly dampen them

Step 2: Next, apply a generous amount of Serum Infused Facial Moisturizer to your lips. Massage moisturizer into damp lips.

Step 3: Immediately after, coat lips with Vaseline (or a thick lip balm). Do not be stingy with this step.

Step 4: Carry on with your day and watch your lips glow up!

Doing this routine every night before bed will ensure you wake up with soft, supple lips that are ready to kiss the day head on 💋

Once you've master the art of hydrated lips, try adding our Luscious Lip Serum to your routine to naturally plump and volumize lips. This serum is designed to immediately hydrate, plump and alleviate fine lines, cracked/ chapped lips. It will naturally expand the curve of your lips for a noticeably youthful pout.

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