Benefits of Layering Serums for Your Holiday Glam

Serums are natural, lightweight but powerful liquids that have many benefits for the skin. There are many types of serums, each with a unique focus and benefit.

Some serums are meant to help brighten your skin or even to reduce blemishes, while others focus on boosting hydration or fighting the signs of aging.

What should you look for in a serum?

1.Antioxidants will protect skin from free radical damage and help correct hyperpigmentation.

2.Hydrating ingredients will plump up skin for a glowing complexion.

This pairing is the BEST base for flawless Holiday makeup looks. Always be sure to let all skincare products completely dry and settle into skin before foundation application.

Check out our Collagen revitalizer serum and our Intensive hydration serum for a perfect AM serum pairing.  

For morning application apply an antioxidant serum first and follow with a light layer of a hydrating serum.

For evening application, apply a gentle exfoliation serum to remove dead skin and clear any imperfections paired with a serum-infused hydrating moisturizer to lock-in moisture overnight.

Try our Spotless Blemish Serum and our Serum Infused Facial Moisturizer to wake up with clear, hydrated skin.

For the best results always apply serums to damp skin.

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