3 Tips to Maintain Glowing Skin this Fall

Fall is here and that means leaves changing colours, thanksgiving feasts, pumpkin spice lattes, trick-or treating and the dreaded dry, flakey skin..oh no! Transitioning from summer to fall can do a number on your skin - cooler temperatures, stronger winds, lower humidity levels, consuming more comfort foods and less physical activity (cue hibernation mode). On top of that, add in the extra stress of covid restrictions (depending on where you live in the world), the never ending maskne and flu season approaching, it puts a real damper on your skin. But we have great news...you don’t have to suffer with cracked, dry skin throughout the fall! Here are some simple and effective tricks that you can incorporate into your everyday routine to make sure your skin is glowing, hydrated and maintains its summertime plump all year long.

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

The number one cause of dry, cracked or flakey skin during the fall is dehydrated skin! The best way to ramp up that skin hydration is by adding a hydrating serum to your skincare routine. Look for a lightweight formula that contains ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid (we know you’ve heard of this superstar), Glycerin (the ultimate hydrator), Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E. 

Take it a step further, apply your serums to damp skin. This will allow your serum to penetrate deeper into the skin and allow for more water to be pulled into the skin. Snag all the ingredients listed above and apply our Intensive Hydration Facial Serum to damp skin. You’ll never have to worry about cracked, dry skin again with this bad boy!

2. Lock in that hydration
The biggest mistake people make when applying a hydrating serum… they don’t seal the moisture in. Locking in your serums with a moisturizer is essential if you plan to receive any benefits from your products. Imagine going to the nail salon and getting the best manicure of your life with the most trendy nail design, all to find out your nail artist didn’t add a top coat so your nails are ruined the second you get into your car. All of that time, work and hard earned money down the drain. Skincare works the same way. Think of your moisturizer as your top coat. After you apply your serums you should ALWAYS follow it up with a moisturizer. Our Serum Infused Facial Moisturizer does a wonderful job at sealing and locking hydration in so that as you carry on with your day, environmental factors such as air pollution, uv rays, smoke, sweat don’t allow water to evaporate from your skin - hence keeping the moisture locked in!

3. Oil me up
Facial Oils are the most luxurious skincare products because they leave you feeling like a glazed doughnut, a luminous goddess, a rotisserie chicken (whatever floats your boat, you get the hint). Face oils serve a few purposes - nourishes, lubricates and adds a protective lipid barrier on the surface of the skin to keep water in! Oils will support your moisturizer and allow for maximum results. Look for an oil that is non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog your pores), is lightweight and fast absorbing. No one wants to look greasy, just lightly glazed. Ingredients such as Tamanu Oil, Noni Oil (the holy grail), Jojoba Oil (our absolute fav), Macadamia Oil will protect skin from the environment, sit beautifully on your skin so your makeup can effortlessly glide on and add a layer of protection so cracked, flakey skin doesn’t creep up on you. Face oils are always applied at the very end of your skincare routine and right before your SPF. Try our Afterglow Facial Oil for a subtle glow that will trick people into thinking you just had a facial!

Clear, hydrated skin is not too far away. Stick to a routine that focuses on hydrating and sealing in moisture and your skin will remain plump and soft while you chomp on turkey dinners, sip on lattes, take your niece and nephew trick or treating and show off your epic Halloween costume. Speaking of Halloween, click here to learn how to prep your skin for your Halloween makeup!

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